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2013 Annual Report

Receipts & Disbursements Summary

Receipts Projected Actual Difference
Real Estate Tax 643,021.35 559,781.41 83,239.94
Intergovernmental 510,237.92 603,325.54 (93,087.62)
Patron Fines & Fees 21,328.00 17,227.72 4,100.28
Contributions, Gifts & Donations 5,800.00 8,677.68 (2,877.68)
Earnings on Investments 633.00 1,182.17 (549.17)
Miscellaneous 1,188.00 1,187.20 0.80
Transfers In 0.00 0.00 0.00
Other Sources 0.00 0.00 0.00

TOTAL INCOME 1,182,208.27 1,191,381.72 (9,173.45)
Disbursements Appropriated Encumbered YTD Spent
Salaries 471,194.44 455,468.40 455,468.40
Employee Fringe Benefits 159,408.75 153,407.40 153,407.40
Purchased & Contracted Services 170,036.23 108,496.98 107,976.98
Library Materials & Information 126,144.55 106,024.01 104,967.62
Supplies 19,051.37 15,805.71 15,277.95
Other 2,575.00 2,034.36 2,034.36
Current Capital Outlay 78,000.00 61,328.56 61,328.56
Transfers Out 560,306.61 286,675.17 286,675.17
Contingencies 10,000.00 0.00 0.00

TOTAL EXPENSES 1,596,716.95 1,189,240.59 1,187,136.44
Excess/(Deficiency) (414,508.68)
Fund Balance - 01/01/2012 414,508.68
Fund Balance - 12/31/2012 429,562.82

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Annual Review

The past year has been an exciting one for Community Library as we have accomplished much over the last twelve months. Three areas in which we have excelled are increasing access to materials, especially in regard to electronic materials, improving the facility, and finally promoting library services in the community.

Over the last year, we saw access to materials and information continue to grow. The use of eBooks has increased dramatically. Circulation for eBooks grew 70% over the past twelve months and to meet the demand, we increased our expenditures on eBooks in 2013. We were also pleased to see the eBook consortium we belong to, Ohio eBook Project, merge with another eBook consortium to form the Ohio Digital Library. Users now have access to almost 50,000 electronic titles.

Because the demand for electronic content rose, we also added Zinio eMagazines to our collection in late April. Zinio gives patrons access to complete digital magazines, which can be easily viewed on any Internet-enabled device and are identical to the print versions. We have a collection of 50 popular titles, including magazines such as Consumer Reports, National Geographic, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Readers Digest.

We were also pleased to increase the number of electronic database subscriptions. Three databases were added to the collection including Literary Reference Center, Points of View Reference Center, and Science Reference Center, all of which are great resources for high school students, undergraduates, and life-long learners. After the state announced it was going to cancel Mango Languages, an online language learning system, we decided to keep our subscription so individuals could conveniently learn a new language.

In addition to the electronic books, magazines, and databases, the library also increased access to print materials through the Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL). In 2013, five new libraries joined the consortium, bringing the total membership to ten. With the added libraries, local residents now have seamless access to over 515,000 items.

In regard to facilities, we were able to tackle some projects in an effort to make the space more functional and inviting. We reconfigured shelving in the children’s area to accommodate audiobooks, music recordings, puzzles, and board books. In addition, the public restrooms were renovated. With this facility nearing its 20th anniversary, we also completed a comprehensive landscaping project to update the facade of the library. The old plant material was overgrown, costly to maintain, and beginning to create safety issues. The new landscaping is colorful, diverse, and low-maintenance, creating a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor space.

Finally, Community Library has worked hard at promoting what we do in the local community as well as regionally and even internationally. We have added a marketing coordinator to our team to help us design library promotional pieces. The information being distributed by the library looks much more refined, professional, and visually attractive. Additionally, our efforts to serve the community were acknowledged. We received the Sunbury/Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award and the Ohio Library Council Library Innovation Award for our work with COOL. We also received an official commendation from the Ohio House of Representatives in regard to COOL. What is more, we presented at regional conferences, the state library convention, and for the first time we presented on an international stage at the Evergreen International Conference in Vancouver BC.

Overall, we are quite pleased with the way the year turned out and we are looking forward to serving the Big Walnut community in 2014.

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Looking Forward

As we begin 2014, our first priority is finishing updating our strategic plan. The plan outlines three major areas of service that the library should be focusing on. First, stimulating imagination, which is focuses on reading, listening, and viewing for pleasure. Second is satisfy curiosity, which would equate to life-long learning. Finally, visit a comfortable place, which incorporates physical spaces for individuals and groups to interact. We will take the information collected in the community-wide survey as well as comments provided in the focus groups and use that information to finalize the goals and objectives for the strategic plan.

Based on community feedback, user demand for recreational materials is being met, with the exception of eBooks and other downloadable content. Our focus in 2014 will be to maintain existing collections, while finding ways to enhance and streamline access to them. This could include improving displays and purchasing more copies of titles to reduce wait times. With the increased demand for eBooks and other electronic media, we need to look at increasing the existing collections and exploring expansion of our offerings.

The library has the most potential for growth in the second and third services areas outlined above. We can do a lot more in regard to creating life-long learning experiences and providing meeting space. This coming year, we will be focusing our attention on providing more hands-on workshops, educational seminars, and other life-long learning experiences. Also evaluation of those programs, along with existing programs is essential. In regard to library space, we will be looking at public space and trying to find ways to use the existing facility to accommodate community needs. Once we have properly assessed and utilized existing space, we will have a much better idea of what our future expansion needs may be and we can plan accordingly.

Another focus of the coming year will be continuing the momentum that we have with marketing. The library is now producing some great communication pieces. We need to formalize and expand the distribution of such information. As we develop programs and services, we need to make sure that the information is being disseminated in a fashion that it reaches a wide audience, whether through physical or electronic means. We now have the staff and tools to do so.

Finally, in 2014 we need to seek a renewal of our local property tax levy. The Public Library Fund has only increased 1.9% over the past five years. The accomplishments and successes we have enjoyed over the past five years were only possible because of the local support provided by Big Walnut residents. It is critical that we secure a renewal of the tax levy in order to maintain the services we provide.

This coming year is sure to be an exciting and busy year. We are excited to see what the future holds for the library and we are looking forward to working with the community on making Community Library a welcoming environment for all to pursue knowledge and cultivate interests. Top of Page

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