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2014 Annual Report

Receipts & Disbursements Summary

Receipts Projected Actual Difference
Real Estate Tax 651,153.07 570,134.75 (81,018.32)
Intergovernmental 509,887.37 596,068.62 86,181.25
Patron Fines & Fees 19,653.00 18,208.51 (1,449.49)
Contributions, Gifts & Donations 7,006.00 9,970.90 2,964.90
Earnings on Investments 0.00 1,399.76 1,399.76
Miscellaneous 552.00 415.95 (136.05)
Transfers In 0.00 0.00 0.00
Other Sources 0.00 0.00 0.00

TOTAL INCOME 1,188,251.44 1,196,193.49 7,942.05
Disbursements Appropriated YTD Spent Unencumbered
Salaries 472,993.59 466,187.56 6,806.03
Employee Fringe Benefits 179,068.06 134,059.10 45,008.96
Purchased & Contracted Services 150,237.18 122,113.32 22,913.86
Library Materials & Information 142,383.57 132,467.78 8,065.51
Supplies 21,750.00 19,658.77 2,234.03
Other 2,632.71 1,946.68 686.03
Current Capital Outlay 42,700.00 10,337.83 32,362.17
Transfers Out 678,508.95 498,868.73 179,640.22
Contingencies 7,000.00 0.00 7,000.00

TOTAL EXPENSES 1,697,274.06 1,385,639.77 304,716.81

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Annual Review

2014 was a busy year for Community Library. Early in the year, we updated our strategic plan. Although our focus did not change dramatically from the previous plan, the new plan did give us the opportunity to update and refine our mission and goals. Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for all to pursue knowledge and cultivate interests. To that end, the community will be offered:
  • programs that engage, challenge and inspire.
  • resources that promote lifelong learning.
  • convenient access to a wide variety of recreational books, movies and other materials.
  • a variety of spaces, appropriate for meetings, study, and interacting with each other.

Throughout the year, Community Library offered a diverse selection of programs that engage, challenge, and inspire. In addition to our on-going storytimes, book clubs, discussion groups, and wellness classes, our program offerings included topics such as drawing, painting, photography, gardening, wildlife, genealogy, computer programming, electrical engineering, space exploration, and cryptozoology. One of our most exciting and rewarding endeavors in 2014 was the After School Adventures program that we piloted at General Rosecrans Elementary in the spring. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) workshop provided hands on exploration on a variety of topics for school-aged children. It was such a success that we expanded the program for the 2014/2015 school year and it is now being offered at all four Big Walnut elementary buildings.

Being a lifelong learning center, the library promotes personal development by providing a wide selection of books, movies, and programs to meet the academic and intellectual needs of patrons. Throughout 2014, we cleaned up our nonfiction collection and weeded titles that were not circulating or outdated. Additionally, we have been building up our online resources. In 2014, searches in our core set of databases increased 62%. We also added a new resource, Gale Courses, which is a collection of online continuing education courses. Since April, 47 individuals have enrolled in courses through this service.

Community Library understands that we also serve as a resource for recreational pursuits; part of our mission is to cultivate the interests of individuals. To assist in that effort, we added a new feature to our catalog, NoveList Select. This feature adds series and read-a-like information to the catalog, which helps patrons connect with other materials that may be of interest. We also increased our participation in the Ohio Digital Library. Through the digital library, users have free access to 65,000 eBooks and 15,000 audiobooks. In 2014, circulation of electronic content increased 26%. What is more, general circulation increased 2% and items received from other libraries increased 18%. These increases demonstrate that the library is providing convenient access to that materials patrons want.

The last area of the strategic plan focuses on the library as a place. It also is one of the most challenging areas because changes to the facility tend to be the most costly. Being aware of the expenses associated with capital projects, we used the past year to review community needs, evaluate the current use of space, and explore our options. Our objective in this pursuit was to find a prudent and responsible way for the library to respond to the increasing demands for meeting room space, quiet study areas, convenient parking, and access to library materials. Using feedback from surveys and focus groups, we have worked on a plan that not only meets the needs expressed by the community, but is feasible, affordable, and responsible.

Finally, one of biggest successes of 2014 was the local levy renewal. In 2009, we had passed the levy by only 6%. We lost almost 45% of the precincts. As we wrapped up the 2009 campaign, one of our goals was to build support throughout our district. Based on the results of the 2014 election, it looks like the library has made great progress toward that goal. We not only won 65% of the votes, but we won 100% of the precincts. The win testifies to the way the library operates, the quality services we provide, and our effectiveness in reaching out to our community.

2014 was an outstanding year for Community Library. We have made substantial progress towards accomplishing our goals and we have laid the groundwork for some big and exciting projects that will enable us to offer effective and meaningful services to Big Walnut area residents. I am looking forward to what we will accomplish in 2015.

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Looking Forward

The new year will not only be an exciting year for Community Library, but also an historic year. We will continue to use the goals outlined in the strategic plan as our guide as we assess, develop, and enhance our programs and services. We will also be looking at the first addition to this library facility.

In regard to programs, we will continue to consider how our programs are assisting patrons in their academic and personal pursuits. In talking to both adult and youth services departments, it was agreed that the library needs better methods for measuring the success of a programs, so we will be working with staff to create a uniform tool to measure how effective a program was. The feedback then will help us as we explore new ideas or changes to existing programs.

In 2015, we also plan on doing more purposeful collection development. Over the past five years, we have worked on cleaning up collections and purchasing materials that are popular and fulfill patron interests. We can improve collection development even more by using reports from the system to evaluate circulation trends. Also, reports can assist us in determining weak areas of the collection. By employing the use of detailed reports, we can make more meaningful decisions when purchasing materials.

Also, as we build collections, we will consider access to materials. This consideration includes desired formats as well as wait times for new and popular materials. We increased our 2015 appropriations related to electronic resources, which will give us the funding to grow our database collection as well as the number of eBooks we are purchasing. We will also be examining hold to item ratios much more closely to make sure patrons are getting timely access to titles.

We will also investigate ways to enhance the user experience, namely in the way of self-service options. From improving access to the collection and resources through mobile devices to allowing patrons to register for programs online, we will look at ways to make access library services seamless and convenient. We will also explore services such as self-check. As more libraries adopt such services, patrons are asking for them. A self-check feature is integrated into our system, so start up costs would be minimal. It will just take time to configure and test.

Perhaps one of most thrilling projects of 2015 will be bringing a portion of the facility plan to fruition. We had to table the plan in 2009 due to loss in funding. Five years of careful planning and saving has put the library in the position to pursue a portion of that plan. The plan directly addresses the three top priorities expressed by patrons: meetings space, parking, and a drive-through window.

2015 is certainly going to be a busy, yet fun and monumental year for Community Library. I look forward to working with the board, staff, and community as we provide a welcoming environment for all to pursue knowledge and cultivate interests.

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